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Spiritual Healer Packages

Continue your journey as a healer at your own pace.

  • Reiki Healer Package

    Every month
    Activate your purpose, skills and gifts as a Reiki Healer with this 4 part comprehensive program.
    Valid for 8 months
    • Private Reiki 1 Attunement
    • Private Reiki 2 Attunement
    • Private Reiki Master Attunement
    • Private Reiki Master Teacher Attunement
    • Four (4) 1-hr recorded MD Healing Sessions (one/month)
    • Four (4) 1-hr live Mentorship Sessions (one/month)
    • Four (4) 20-min Insights on Demand Sessions (one/month)
    • Three Reiki Books & Manuals
    • Crystals to support your journey as a healer
  • MultiDimensional Healer Package

    Every month
    Activate your purpose, skills& gifts as a MultiDimensional Healer with this 6-part prog
    Valid for 12 months
    • Private Spiritual Foundations Workshop
    • Private Oracle & Pendulum Workshop
    • Private MultiDimensional Channeling Workshop
    • Private Divine Communicator Workshop
    • Private MultiDimensional Art Workshop
    • Private MultiDimensional Healer Workshop
    • Six 1-hr Virtual MultiDimensional Healing Sessions
    • Six 1-hr Live Mentorship Sessions
    • Six 20-min Insights on Demand Sessions
    • Recorded Sound Healing & Light Language Workshop
  • FREE with purchase of other packages!

    Healing & Mentoring Package

    Get a discount on two 2-packs of sessions!
    Valid for 12 months
    • This package is FREE with the purchase of the other packages
    • (Coupon code will be in your confirmation email)
    • Two (2) 1-hr Virtual MD Healing Sessions
    • Two (2) 1-hr Live Mentorship Sessions
    • Support on your personal spiritual journey
    • Guidance on your path as a Reiki or Spiritual Practitioner

Want to save even more on the Reiki Healer or MultiDImensional Healer Packages?

Pay in full and lower the cost even more!  Save $400 on the Reiki Healer Package and over $600 on the MultiDimensional Healer Package by making a full payment.

Full Payment Pricing

Reiki Healer : $3,600 ($400 savings!)

MultiDimensional Healer P: $7,000 ($620 savings!)

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