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MultiDimensional Healing

multidimensional healing

These sessions begin as I tune in to your energy to create an altar and gather healing tools to amplify the frequency of the healing transmission and activation. Then, at the time of the session, we discuss the altar, any questions for me or spirit, as well as any intentions for the session. 


You are then guided through a meditation to clear, release and transmute debris or density around and within the five bodies as the elements of fire, ether and sound are utilized to assist the process of creating a clear space. 


Channeled Reiki, Light, Galactic, Angelic, Elemental and other high vibrational healing frequencies are utilized to clear, balance and activate the auric field, chakras and energy matrices. Any lower energies interfering with the ability to self-heal are removed and any interference with the auric field is eliminated. MultiDimensional attachments, subconscious memories, experiences and energies that are no longer serving your highest good are transmuted. Information and insights channeled from spirit are shared throughout the session.

Multidimensional Art

This is one piece of MultiDimensional Healing Art that is completed over three 1-hour long MultiDimensional Healing Sessions.


In the first session, I connect to your energy and receive a healing light code, symbol, spirit animal, scene or abstract design for you.


The following two sessions are to complete the work. While I work, I put Sound Healing, Light Language, Reiki and MultiDimensional Healing into the art.


The art you receive is healing and activating you, and will continue to transmit healing as long as you own it and interact with it. Each session comes with 13 chakra and auric field clearing and activation with channeled insights. 

Virtual sessions are done using Zoom. I record it and email it to you to watch at your convenience.

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multidimensional Yoga

Private, semi-private, group and community sessions available. I use a combination of:

  • yoga asana,

  • meditation,

  • pranayama,

  • mantra &

  • self reflection.


We work to achieve wellness within the physical, emotional, energetic, intellectual, psychological and spiritual bodies.

Birth Portal Preparation

These sessions are designed to prepare the mother to become a portal for giving birth and the family to welcome the new life coming earthside. These beautiful sessions usually follow this type of flow:


  • clear and activate mom, removing any blocks or fears 

  • draw the portal and symbols and share them (option to do MDH Art Series with this image to help with postpartum experience and fourth trimester integration)

  • clear anyone else involved (partner, other kids, pets, etc.) and prepare them for the shift

  • communicate with unborn baby and share any messages 

  • share any insights on best ways to birth and how to create the birth you desire 

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