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I AM Gia...

I AM honored to be serving as a Healing Channel, Teacher, Medium, and Spiritual Counselor. My training as a Certified Yoga Instructor and a Reiki Master Teacher, along with my background in Psychology, are utilized as spirit shares how to support others along their journey, whether they are experiencing physical, emotional, spiritual or mental unrest or perception of separateness.

My experiences becoming and being a Mother woke me and continue to activate me. I take special joy in working with families and children, offering classes in prenatal, couples, family, baby and kids’ yoga. I love to provide support for beings of all walks of life (animals included) as some of my favorite sessions include infant, child and family MultiDimensional Healing Sessions as well as birth portal and birth insight work.  

I work with high frequency energies from Angelic, Intergalactic, and Elemental sources in MultiDimensional Healing Sessions. I support people in the transmuting of emotional and spiritual wounds, bringing forth MultiDimensional experiences (and/or past lives), to facilitate the release of trauma and dense or lower frequency energies.

Interest in creative expression has led me to the use of Sound Healing Attunements, Channeled Healing Art Work, and Personal Transformative Symbols. My goal is always to reveal, support and encourage the inner light in each person, allowing them to self-heal and expand their awareness of their true potential.

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