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MultiDimensional Healer Workshop

A culmination of all your spiritual growth and learning.

  • 4 hours
  • 888 US dollars
  • Virtual

Service Description

After this workshop, you will be able to provide a full MultiDimensional Healing Session. This is a culmination of energy healing, clearing, connecting, activating, providing insights, channeling and more. Learn how to: ✨ Work with Shamanic, Ancestral, Galactic, Elemental, Angelic and Sound Healing ✨ Activate the Heart, Ascension and Father Mother God energy to clear, purify and activate the pranic tube, breath, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, cosmic and multidimensional bodies as well as the aura ✨ Ensure that the client is connected to New Earth, their Galactic Moon, their Spirit Team, their Star Family and Star Seed Origins, their Higher and MultiDimensional Selves ✨ Remove any negative galactic interference, increase and bolster security and protection measures ✨ Release any emotions and beliefs that are not serving the highest timeline ✨ Dissolve any Past/MultiDimensional Lives that are not moving forward to the Highest Timeline, integrate those that are ✨ Identify and Transmute Entity Attachments, Parasites, Cords, Structures, Beacons, Bots, Viral Particles, Fungus, Hooks, Tentacles, Siphons and more ✨ Clear, Align, Balance and Activate more than 13 Chakras utilizing Spiritual Tools, Energy and Light Language ✨ Bring forward messages from the Divine, utilizing Oracle Cards and Trance Channeling skills Are you ready?

Contact Details

Herndon, VA, USA

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