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Multidimensional Healing

with Gia

I continue to be grateful and hold the intention to bring forward the highest vibrational energies to help others find balance, wholeness, and purpose. I love to help people connect more deeply with their Spiritual path in this lifetime, by connecting them with Guides, Loved Ones in Spirit, Galactic and Angelic beings or aspects of self who are eager to partner with and assist them. 



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Guided Meditation

Channeled ReikiLight, Galactic, Angelic, Elemental and other High Vibrational Healing Frequencies 

Birth Portal Sessions

Chakra & Aura Clearing


Art Series

Classes &



Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Reiki I/II/III Classes & Attunement

Light Language Attunement

MultiDimensional Channeling

Coming Soon!

MultiDimensional Living Series



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Corporate/Group Yoga

Kids Yoga

Fertility, PreNatal


Mom/Baby Yoga

Yoga Nidra

Restorative Yoga 

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I am honored...

Abundant Gratitude

Gia gave me the most beautiful virtual Reiki session. She hits things right on the head... things she could never possibly know. Truly. Yet again, I step away from a Reiki session with her  and feel abundant gratitude for having her in my life. What an honor!


Incredible Insight

Thank you for that incredible insight. So spot on, on so many levels. I will listen again tomorrow, but know that I was calling on you and you heard/felt me - forever in your debt!! Literally helped me through the worst time of my life.


Incredibly spiritual experience

My session with Gia was an incredibly spiritual experience. She brought me a lot of peace and answers that I was looking for. She is very kind, non-judgmental and understanding. I highly recommend doing a session with her!


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