MDH Monthly offerings

Monthly offering Includes:​

Get Lit

Monthly & Annual

options available!

  • ONE 30-minute Virtual MDH session per month

  • THREE insight questions per month

  • ONE virtual card pull (with insight) per month

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  • ONE 60-minute Virtual MDH session per month

  • FIVE insight questions per month

  • TWO virtual card pulls (with insight) per month


Monthly offering Includes:​

Monthly & Annual

options available!

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How does it work?

Monthly offerings work a bit differently than the other services. When you join one of the monthly offerings, your MDH session, insight questions and card pull(s) are all done virtually and delivered to your email each month. This means you will not be attending any of the services live, but receiving links to the videos via your email. Below is the flow of how it works.

1) Read the confirmation email that you receive when you sign up! It contains links to all of the services you will need to schedule each month.

2) Your confirmation email will also initiate a special coupon code that you will use for all the services. Your monthly offering payment (monthly or annual) is the only charge for the included services. There are NO additional charges (unless you choose to schedule additional services with me).

3) The links in your confirmation email are different than most of my normal services, therefore you can't schedule your insight questions or card pulls via the regular website. Please save those emails to be able to schedule your services. For clients who pay monthly, your payment each month will initiate that same email with the links you need. For those on the annual plan, you will receive a monthly reminder with links from Gia.

4) If you have any questions about which plan is best for you or how the monthly offerings work, please reach out to Gia directly and she will be happy to help you through the process.

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