MultiDimensional Group Healing

Sovereignty   Abundance   Faith   Connection   Flow   Trust   Lightness of Being   Gratitude

We will bring it all into clarity and alignment, into love and presence. Let’s see it, feel it, love it, heal it and take the next step forward together. Ascend to your highest timeline.

All month I will:

  • Light a candle for you   

  • Reiki charge the altar    

  • Run Healy frequencies    

  • Hold the space         

Each month will have a different theme. A crystal will represent each group member on the altar. You (and anyone you add) will be emailed a video recording of the healing.


Join our monthly group healing

This is a donation based offering accessible to all. You can add yourself or any friends or family you would like to include in the group healing alter (children & animals welcome).



Welcome to MDH's group healing.